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Y’all voted on what you wanted me to do and the winner was tumblr awards! Ask and you shall receive ;)

  • must be following me (aka enohchian)
  • reblog this post!!
  • likes don’t count and they make me sad :(
  • need to be at least 90% Supernatural blog !!
  • must reach like 30 notes or this never happened shh
  • there will be one winner and one runner up for each category!
  • winners and runner-ups will be chosen on May 15th and announced soon after!
  • Sam Winchester Award (best url)
  • Dean Winchester Award (best icon)
  • Castiel Award  (best posts)
  • Charlie Bradbury Award (best theme)
  • Kevin Tran Award (best sidebar)
  • Gabriel Award (best updates tab)
  • Crowley Award (best edits/graphics)
  • Meg Masters Award (best fanart)
  • Jo Harvelle Award (best writing)
  • Samandriel Award (nicest blogger)
  • Lucifer Award (my favorite overall)
winners' prizes:
  • promo when announced (with a pretty banner graphic :p)
  • +f if not already
  • 3 other promos whenever you want them!
  • link in my updates tab 
  • cookies! (not really but that would be nice <3)
  • my friendship and love!! :)
runner-ups' prizes:
  • promo when announced
  • 2 other promos whenever you want!
  • also friendship and love <3

Good luck everyone!!



I just found this screencap really funny... Papa Stilinski rules.

It’s been a while since I did one of these, I’ll try to keep it happy.

  • Follow Kat. Yeah, it’s me. Not very original, but oh well.
  • Check out my amazing former BOTM Emily!
  • Reblog this page. They are the only notes that count.
  • Ends on May 9th, when I hopefully won’t be stressed out about school anymore.
i'm searching for:
  • A blogger with similar tastes (just post about a fandom that I love. Multiples are saints)
  • A amicable human being (or at least willing to speak to me)
  • I’m not kidding, messaging me drastically increases your chances of being chosen
  • Lovely posts
  • A clean, organized theme
  • Just a quality blog all around
the winner will receive:
  • My undying loyalty and friendship
  • Follow back, of course
  • A link in my updates tab
  • Automatic link in every promo I have
  • Promos whenever you’d like
  • A special ficlet based off your blog, URL, posts, etc.
the runners-up will receive:
  • My undying loyalty and friendship
  • Follow back, of course
  • A link in my updates tab
  • Promos throughout the length that pre-summer takes
  • A special ficlet based off your blog, URL, posts, etc.

Keep joining guys! The more notes, the merrier the Kat :)

when i was only five years old but twelve years scarred


#actual spn line


based off this post~ // very loosely i might add i actually have no idea where this really went apologies for errors pls enjoy

“Fucking shit.” Dean swears aloud as he trips for the third time. He kicks at whatever slipped him up this time, adjusting his bag over his shoulder before continuing on, deeper into the cemetery.

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